Nightstands For Your Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms are particularly challenging when it comes to decorating. You don’t want your bedroom looking overcrowded, it can feel suffocating. But there are some furniture pieces you can’t do without in a bedroom. Once such furniture piece would be the nightstand. Without a nightstand, where would you keep your book, reading glasses or jug of water? Imagine the hassle of getting out of bed once you’ve settled in to get something during the night. Customised nightstands are an easy way to create a nightstand that not only fits in your bedroom space but also suits your style and matches your bedroom decor. Nothing brings glamour to a bedroom space like a chic nightstand. Today, there are plenty of designs, styles and finishes available in the market that you can choose from.

Built-in nightstand: 2 birds with one stone! 
These nightstands are perfect for the tiniest of bedroom spaces! Built-in nightstands have a unique charm about them. These are one of the best nightstand ideas available right now, especially if you don’t have space to spare in your bedroom! This type of nightstand is built into the beds’ frame. They don’t stand alone, rather they are a part of the bed itself. In modern designs, we see even beds headboards that have built-in shelves that can be used as a nightstand. These nightstands don’t take up much space and are ideal for bedrooms that are short on space. There are some brands that even offer beds with built-in wireless charging stations to add a contemporary touch to them.

Floating Nightstands: Levitate your room!
The ideal bedside table for those of you who have little to no space in your bedroom. The floating nightstands help you save floor space and create the illusion of space. They have a very minimalistic look and add a modern touch to any bedroom. These nightstands are mounted on the wall and don’t add any weight to the room. They are the perfect size to place your reading glasses and indoor plant or even a bedside lamp. The space underneath the floating nightstand can be used for storage or can be left empty to give it a clean look. If you have an electrical outlet under the floating nightstand it gives you easy access and a place to keep your phone or laptop while charging. They come in all shapes, sizes and styles, so, it shouldn’t be hard to find the one that suits your style and bedroom décor.

Wooden Nightstand: Keep it simple!
The timeless and classic wooden nightstand is one that most homeowners opt for. They come in various sizes as well. Based on the size of your bed, you can go for either a tall, narrow wooden nightstand or a short nightstand. These wooden nightstands also come with storage in the form of a drawer or an open shelf. These are ideal storage spaces for your nighttime reads, an alarm clock (for those of you who prefer old school), a lamp or even an indoor plant. The items that can’t fit in the drawers can be placed on the top where everything is at your fingertips.

Some of the more innovative ideas that you can use for nightstands when you have a lack of space are ottoman puffs, accent chairs or even short step ladders.

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