Dresser Top Decor Ideas

The bedroom dresser is a space that is used for storing clothes and other accessories that one requires on an everyday basis. The dresser can play a key role in enhancing your bedroom’s style. But be careful! There are times when you tend to start piling things on top of the dresser especially if it’s an empty space. A dresser top is very easy to decorate if you use a few design guidelines! Firstly, the type of décor you decide to put on your dresser depends on the room you place the dresser in. This could the master bedroom, kids room, or even the common area. You can decorate your dresser according to your home décor and style. Considering that the dresser is narrow and long, always visually create the partition of left, right and center. This will give you a clearer idea on how to decorate your dresser top. It is very important not only to ensure that the dresser top is organized, but also the space around it. Here are a few ideas on how to decorate you dress top.

Dresser transformed to vanity!
Don’t have enough space for a vanity in your bathroom? A bedroom vanity is where you can prep yourself for the day, and store things that you would require to get ready every morning. Convert your dresser into one with ease! Your dresser can transform into a place to glam yourself up by adding a nice mirror on top of it. Based on your style and home décor, this can be framed or unframed. You can frame the mirror on the dresser with lights that are soft and clear, providing you with ample light to powder your face. On the surface of the dresser, you can place a necklace holder, a few exotic bottled perfumes maybe? You can even have a jewelry box for those accessories that are not too expensive, but more of an everyday use. You can even have a small organizer to keep hair accessories, make up etc. to avoid clutter on the surface of the dresser drawers.

Contemporary touch!
Some home owners tend to have a TV unit placed on top of the dresser. In such cases, it’s best to go for a simple décor top rather than a complex one. To ensure that you don’t block your view of the TV, go for smaller décor pieces on the dresser. You can place a few simple artifacts or collectibles. These dresser tops can also have the TV accessories place on them, however, ensure that they are organized well, so that they don’t look messy.

Love minimalism?
Minimalism follows the concept of “less is more”, it’s all about simplicity and elegance. Minimalists like their décor crisp and clean, so decorating a dresser top is never too hard for a minimalist. The dresser top can have a contemporary framed painting or a desk lamp and look beautiful as it is. You can also place picture frames. Old black and white photo frames placed on the dresser tops are perfect examples of minimalistic décor. Another beautiful addition to your dresser top could be a simple vase with a single flower or dried flowers in them or you can even place candle holders with a rustic finish to draw attention to your dresser top.

Natural selection!
Dresser tops have never looked better than with indoor plants on them. Imagine a white chest of drawers with a porcelain pot and beautiful succulent in them! These dressers truly bring out the beauty in plants and add life into your home. In case you’re worried about the mud or water leaking out while watering them, you can always place a decorative tray under them to protect your dresser top. You can also place tall house plants on either side of the dresser to create a balance.

You can decorate your dresser tops with many other decorative items as well, be it antiques, books or even a fish bowl! It all depends on the balance you create. Well established brands like Würfel have a wide array of dressers to choose from, that will suit your style. To know more about Würfel dressers, visit our website Würfel. With over 37 studios across the country, Würfel is the most premium and the largest modular kitchen and wardrobe brand in the country. Würfel was awarded the “Best Modular Kitchen”  & “The Most Innovative Kitchen”. To know more about dressers, visit a Würfel studio near you. Click here for more details.