Top Vanity Designs For Your Perfect Bathroom

A bathroom vanity can be considered as a mandatory addition in modern interior design. Earlier, bathrooms that had their sink and the associated plumbing with it stuck out like a sore thumb. Modern bathrooms have now introduced the bathroom vanity to resolve this issue. The primary function of a bathroom vanity is to conceal the plumbing as well as act as a storage space. Today there are so many bathroom vanity designs you can choose from that it can be a daunting task to make a decision. There are a multitude of finishes, materials and designs, so ensure you choose one that suits your style and décor. There are two main types of bathroom vanities, they are the floating vanity and the free-standing vanity. Here are a few designs that can help you narrow down the vanity you need. 


Rustic Style: Easy does it!
This is a free-standing vanity that looks traditional in nature. They have light wood tones and traditional knobs for handles. This bathroom vanity does a good job of hiding your plumbing and provides more than enough storage space for all your bathroom equipment.


Modern Floating Vanity: Simply magical!
These floating vanities are directly mounted on the wall and don’t have legs, which in turn makes them look like they’re floating. They are very minimalist in style and are the perfect choice for a modern bathroom.


Mirrored vanity: Glamour time!
This vanity has mirrors accompanying it, and is bound to make you feel like a star when it’s time to get ready! It is important that you have ample lighting for this vanity design, so ensure that there is enough natural light or a source of light around the mirror.


Two sink units – Double trouble!
Gone are the day’s people believed that one sink was all that was required in a bathroom, these days with both spouses working and leading busy lives, two sinks on the bathroom vanity has become a blessing. Having two sinks is extremely functional, both partners are able to freshen up together and start their day.


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