Renovate Your Bathroom With These Bathroom Vanity Ideas

No modern bathroom is complete without a beautiful modern vanity unit. A bathroom vanity is considered a mandate in this day and age, it helps you get ready in the morning and helps you get glamourous for a fun night out! A vanity will provide you with a comfortable space not only for storing items, but also provides a foundation for a sink. Bathroom vanity designs can be traditional, modern or free standing. These days, most bathroom vanities are designed with classy features that transforms your bathroom to look elegant and chic. Listed below are a few ways to renovate your bathroom.

1. Contemporary meets classic
Are you the type of person who likes some retro in your life? You can easily bring in a splash of vintage to your bathroom with the help of some vanity. Mirrors are a great way to bring in some vintage feel to your bathroom. You’re sure to find something you’ll love to hang on the wall. Using soft wood tones is also a great way to make a statement.

2. Art deco for the win!
Art deco design represents modernism, and can come in the form of luxury items. This creates a sleek and elegant look to the bathroom and symbolizes sophistication. Art deco can have bold colours and geometric designs which in turn creates a dynamic interior with a hint of glamour Marble is a timeless idea for any bathroom vanity. Brass and stained glass are also classic examples of art deco for your bathroom vanity.

3. Two sink units – Double trouble!
Gone are the day’s people believed that one sink was all that was required in a bathroom, these days with both spouses working and leading busy lives, two sinks on the bathroom vanity has become a blessing. Having two sinks is extremely functional, both partners are able to freshen up together and start their day.

4. Re-paint – A fresh start!
Giving a fresh coat of paint can always liven up your bathroom. A new coat of paint can make a bathroom vanity can accentuate the dated and worn appearance of the vanity. Matte finish has become a rage in today’s interior design trends. Contrasting colours stand out in a big way in bathrooms and makes for a dramatic focal piece.

5. Long Cabinet
A long cabinet becomes the perfect base for a trough-shaped sink unit. The length of the cabinet also provides plenty of additional counter space. You can pair this with glass front sliding doors which makes it the ideal storage space for items that you require on a daily basis. Not only are these functional, but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom as a whole.

6. Decorative storage – Spice it up!
Sometimes, having multiple drawers may not be enough storage for your lifestyle. Adding wicker baskets can add plenty of style to the bathroom as well as keep the items open and airy.

7. Floating vanities – Keep it classy!
Floating vanities open up the floor space of your bathroom, making it look much lighter and larger. A floating vanity also allows you to add a lot of decorative accessories like wire baskets or hangers, allowing you to organize your bathroom in a much more sophisticated manner.

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