Open Wardrobe Styles That Alleviate Your Bedroom

With an open wardrobe, it gets easier to spot your clothes, shoes, and accessories quickly. It means less time to get ready for your office or a party. They also eliminate the chances of losing your socks or ties in the dark corners of the wardrobe. The open wardrobe model is also economical as compared to planned or custom wardrobe models. Open wardrobes can be super stylish but you have to be very organized to get the best out of them. You will have to curate clothes by style, colour, and/or size. Organize your small accessories such as belts and watches in small boxes or trays to keep the space neat and clutter-free. You can also flaunt your cool accessories by putting them on display. Listed below are 3 types of open wardrobes that alleviate your bedroom.

Large Walk-in closet – One of the biggest advantages of a walk-in closet is the fact that it creates structure and order. Nothing gets hidden behind a closed door or stacked collections or squeezed corners. It offers a dignified space for every single item including your accessories. It saves time on searching for the perfect outfit that suits the occasion. You can see everything at one glance- from your shoes, your jewellery, your clothes, and accessories. For a large walk-in closet, it is important to build boxes to keep the area neat and organized. You can choose hangers and boxes according to the colour of your sleeping space to make it look sophisticated altogether.

Small Walk-in closet – Small Walk-in Closets can be installed in small bedrooms to increase functional storage space. It will also open up the visual sphere of the bedroom and create an illusion of a bigger room. Just like large walk-in closets here too you can use built-ins or trays to keep the closet tidy and smart. Special accessories of clothing can be used as pieces of art to illustrate a level of personalization to the bedroom.

Reach-in Closets – Reach-in closets offer a lot of storage capacity if replaced with closet trays and built-ins. If you completely remove both the doors of the closet it will transform into an open wardrobe and also expose more space even in the smallest bedrooms. It will look even more organized if you use drawers, trays, or boxes to keep small items. It will also eliminate the need for other pieces of furniture in the bedroom. You can also build an additional storage facility inside the wardrobe but it depends on the depth of the closet.

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