This is the Only Kitchen Studio Checklist You Will Ever Need

The kitchen is a very integral part of every home. Unlike before the kitchen is not just a space for cooking meals for the family, with the concept of open kitchens, they have evolved into a space where we entertain people and spend time with family. Considering homeowners spend a good amount of time in the kitchen and other people see it, any individual would want their kitchen looking its best. Of course, before deciding on which brand you would like to go with, any homeowner would visit a number of kitchen studios to get an idea of what is available to them in the market. Here are a few points to keep in mind when visiting a kitchen studio to ensure you choose the right brand.

1. Quality:
Every kitchen studio of any renowned brand has a range of kitchen displays available to allow the customer to touch and feel the products before choosing them. The kitchen studio should have staff available to explain the products to you. No one is an expert when it comes to kitchens and understanding technical jargons. The quality of the products at the kitchen studio speaks volumes about the brand.

2. Customization & functionality:
All kitchen studios may have beautiful kitchens on display, but what about functionality? Every homeowner has their own personality and style. A kitchen studio of a well-known brand ensures that the kitchen is both functional as well as customized to each customer’s requirement.

3. Material:
Every kitchen studio should give a clear picture to the customer on what materials they use for manufacturing their kitchens. Ensure that they are coming from a reliable source as this takes a direct impact on the durability of your kitchen.

4. Pricing:
One of the key points a homeowner looks for while buying a kitchen is the kitchen studio price. A good kitchen studio will give you the best price for the best quality. It is very important to ensure that the brand is ethical and is very transparent in giving you the price. It’s a regular practice in the kitchen industry to inflate the price and give bigger discount percentages. This is completely inspired by the Indian customer mentality of being happy with a bigger discount percentage. However, well-known brands like Würfel practice Fair Price Policy (FPP). As an ethical practice, they ensure that they quote you the Fair Price and any customer can go to the website and ask the HQ for a price verification.

5. Warranty:
Comparing the after sales service and warranty provided in different kitchen studios should be considered as a mandate before choosing a modular kitchen brand. Brands that offer a longer warranty period with a dedicated after sales team are more reliable than others.

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