The space between the countertop and the wall cabinet units in the kitchen is termed as the dado area or the backsplash. It acts as a strong focal point of your kitchen design layout. Traditionally, a material that facilitates easy cleaning during daily cooking activities is used to cover this region. Due to the grease, stains, and splashes from cooking and washing food items, the area behind the gas stove and sink is most prone to getting damaged and discoloured in the long run. With time, the dado area has evolved into more than just a kitchen protectant. Given the importance of the kitchen in your home and the fact that you spend the majority of your time preparing meals and making memories with your family there, it should be given its due importance.

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There is something for everyone when it comes to dado kitchen tiles. From eye-catching patterns to simple, understated designs with a wide range of colour options. Here’s a list of designs that you can choose from to decorate your dado unit area and make a statement through your kitchen:

  1. Marble dado tiles: One of the best things about marble is how it instantly elevates the space, no matter what room you use it in, on account of its evergreen appeal. Marble has the most gorgeous natural colour palette featuring soft neutral shades of white, cream, grey, and gold. These earthy tones offer a timeless look to your home interiors. To avoid having several competing hues, you can pair a marble backsplash with either a white, grey or black countertop. They do require proper care and upkeep as they are more prone to scratches when compared to other stones like granite or quartz.

Choosing high-quality dado kitchen tiles transforms the whole vibe of the kitchen and also proves as a wise investment in terms of practical reasons.They add aesthetic value while offering a finished look to your overall kitchen design.Well-established brands like Würfel have a wide range of designs to suit your style and home décor. You can get a free design quote for your home interiors by filling out the form below or drop an email at To know moreabout Würfel products, take a look at the website.

wurfel kuche

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