Unique Centre Table Ideas For Your Living Room

The center table is one of the most important pieces of furniture which entertains several purposes. Buying the right table is half the battle won. Always keep the room size in mind while choosing a table of any design or shape. It should provide enough space and also have a minimum distance of 18 to 20 inches from the center table to the nearest furniture.

You should always take the shape of your sofa into consideration while buying your center table. If you have an L shaped sofa you should go for a rectangular center table and smaller sofas that match well with round or square center tables.

Only shapes won’t do wonders to your room. We also need to bring out the best in designs because the center table receives a lot of attention. The color or texture of the center table should be kept in tune with the wall color and texture of the other furniture in the room. Like in a traditional themed living room a wooden center table will look great. If you want to experiment, below are a few ideas for your center table design.

1. Round center tables – This is one of the most common shapes that we find in most houses. But if you want to strike a different chord keep it neat and clean and throw in a few elements like candles and pottery to add character to your room decor. Use a tray and a boho cover for the table. It will keep things in symmetry and give a compact look.


2. Oval Center Tables – Oval shapes are pretty interesting. Shop for some interesting table centerpieces, coasters, small stone or wooden sculptures or you can deck up a few books in an interesting order and formation to make it look different. Follow simple styling rules to get it all in place.  

3. Square center tables – This shape gives you ample space to play with. Instead of going for some showpiece or books, you can go green. Plants can actually make your room very lively and fresh. They are never out of fashion and also give it a more decorated and compact feel. You can also use vases to act as a decorative showpiece or try small pots.

If you have a small room don’t worry, choose a center table that has inbuilt drawers and decks. It will help you with storing things and will also save space. Remember to use a table cover. It will keep your mind off worrying about guests spilling drinks and food.

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