Five Creative Ways to Design Your Room Around the Center Table

Creative Ways to Design Your Room

Designing your living room is tricky, it should have a touch of your personal quirks but at the same time, should be welcoming to your family and friends. The living room is much more than a space for socializing. Every living room has a center table that is a conversation starter. You can showcase your favorite books, decorative rare accessories or you can just leave the table empty and let it shine on its own. But the rest of the room should bind into the same enthusiasm as the center table. Otherwise, the gorgeous coffee table will steal away the show making the room uninteresting and dull. Your room should be more than your center table to attract attention.

Flaunt pieces that hold family sentiments
We are all proud of inheriting a family heirloom which is treasured for generations. You can add a separate shelf on the wall just to display your family sentiment. It will bring out an interesting edge to your living room.

Creative Ways to Design Your Room

Mix and Match Furniture
If a regimental look is not your plan then mix and match your furniture around the center table. You can also mix up the sitting arrangement a bit, opt for different chairs, stools, and sofa sets of different heights and colours to spice things up. This will create a stunning visual picnic. Whether your room is big or small this idea will always work wonders.

Wall art
It might sound like a cliche but wall art has never failed anyone’s aesthetic ambitions. The guest’s eyes can’t help but be drawn to the bright pastel shades of wall art. You can put a single wall art on the center of your wall or you can use multiple frames uniformly distanced to create a continuation of the series.

Unique floor lamps
Floor lamps are unique design pieces that can create a huge difference in a room’s ambiance. You can place them in the room corners or on the sofa side. It will illuminate the room and will also give it a classy and sophisticated vibe.

Creative Ways to Design

Use rugs
If you have a big room you can use rugs to differentiate the segments. This will also help to make your furniture look compact and prevent them from looking scattered. Rugs also add artistic appeal to your room’s interior. In this way, you can create a separate dining area, a Television couch, a reading corner, or an alternate seating area. You can extend colourful rugs throughout the room floor to spread the continuation even to the corners and empty spaces of the room. This will keep every inch of the room beautifully occupied.

Room Colour
Every colour reflects a mood. Bold colours like green, yellow, orange, or warm red make a room appear vibrant. You can also use wallpapers with curved lines and prints to complement the shades on the walls. With such striking hues, you can leave your floor bare. A minimalistic look never goes out of trend. There will be minimal distractions and a lot to focus on the beautiful walls.

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