Centre Table Designs That Can Jazz Up Your Living Room

Centre Table is the centre of your living room. Hence it is important that it suits the ambience of your living room and enhances it. In fact, we could say that the centre table is the most important decor item of the living room since it witnesses all the coffee conversations, IPL matches, primetime shows and movies. Centre table is something that catches the attention of your guests. Centre table design for living room must be chosen with care and thought. But if it feels like a chore that makes you stressed, don’t worry, we are here to help you choose a modern centre table design that will be just perfect for you.

Let’s check out some cool designs of modern centre table designs for your living room.

1. Upcycled and Recycled Centre Table 
The trend of using upcycled materials in decor has been one of the biggest interior design trends of the past decade. And it is growing at a fast rate this decade with more and more offices, homes and restaurants using this trend for their interiors. You can also pick a super cool and environment-friendly centre table design for the living room. Old wooden crates, bottles, motherboards, discarded plastic, tyres, and even old doors and whatnot, can be used to make the modern centre table design that is apt for your living room.

2. The Minimalist Approach
In case upcycling is not your thing and you love minimalistic designs then you can go for a simple centre table that is not too loud but instead gives an elegant and poised feel to your living room.

3. The Centre Table With Wheels
When in doubt go for wheels. This is true for a modern centre table design as well. A centre table that is beautifully placed over four wheels, provides it easy locomotion. Beautiful, elegant and utilitarian in design, what else do you need? You can make a centre table like this yourself at home if you have four wheels and you’re handy with simple tools but in case you aren’t, just reach out to us at Würfel. We can help you find the perfect centre table for your living room.

4. The Glass Centre Table
If you’re a fan of transparency in life and design, then this is the best centre table design for you. You can use a dense and durable glass top with an elegantly chic metallic or wooden base depending upon the interiors of your living room. This will give it a classy yet sturdy look.

5. Abstract Designs
You can bring out your personality by choosing an abstract modern center table design. You can let your imagination go wild and pick from metallic, wooden, and other textures. You can also think of abstract shapes, designs and prints that reflect your personality.

In case you have decided upon the modern centre table design idea for your living room but are not sure where to get it from, look no further and come to us! We are a premium home interior company that puts our clients first and finds them the designs and decor items that suit their style.  For more information check out our website or visit our nearest studio.

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