Get rid of the carpet:  Do you know that a single square yard of carpet can hold upto one pound of dirt. Throw out the carpets because no vacuum cleaner, no matter how powerful, can suck up all the particles. Additionally, tiled or wooden flooring benefit those who have dust allergies in addition to being easier to maintain.

Add cabinet doors to open storage solutions: If you have open shelves and hanging space, your clothing, shoes, and accessories are more likely to collect dust. And while clothes that you wear more regularly tends to fare better, the simplest way to avoid this problem altogether is to add some doors. If you prefer the look of an open system, just seal off certain areas or use glass doors to keep your best clothes on display.

Keep your shoes separately: The simplest way to maintain a clean wardrobe is to stop dust from entering your wardrobe every time you open it. Hence, thinking about your shoe storage alternatives is the best place to start. If you don’t have enough space, keep your more formal shoes in a sealed container and store your more casual footwear nearby.

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Store your shoes separately: Preventing dust from getting carried into your wardrobe every time you open it is the easiest way to lessen the load, making addressing your shoe storage options the best place to start. Organising a mudroom is first prize, especially for your wellies and riding boots, but if you don’t have the space for one, keep them in an area that’s close to the entrance of your walk-in and stow away your more elegant footwear in a sealed unit.

Purchase an air cleaner: State-of-the-art air filtration systems will get rid of toxins and dust floating around in the atmosphere and will lessen any impurities. This will benefit both your breathing and your clothing but won’t remove particles of dirt already lodged in your fabrics.

Add cabinet doors to open storage: Your clothes, shoes and accessories are more likely to acquire dust if you have open shelving and hanging space. And while clothing you wear more frequently tends to suffer less, adding some doors is the simplest approach to eliminate this issue. If you love the aesthetics of an open system, then just seal off specific areas or choose glass doors to keep your top fashion items visibly on show.

Use drawers and cabinets: You might have designed your walk-in wardrobe to incorporate pigeon-holes and open shelves, but if you want to minimalize the chances of any grime, build cabinets and drawers instead. They are ideal for storing accessories and items that can be folded, and you can use the same arrangement for your shoes. If you’re dead set on the pigeon-hole system, then pack your possessions into storage boxes first. They’ll also help to maintain an organised appearance.